Sea Shipping

If you need to optimize your freight over a global scale, we offer the option for naval shipping. The lenght of transport varries from 3 to 8 weeks, deppending on the point of delivery. Most of our past orders have been from China, India, Brasil, and Ecuador.
Naval shipping is carried out through the use of standardized naval containers. The advantage of this kind of shipping is the possibility to use only a part of the container, without the need to purchase all of the space.

Containers, intermodal freight units

By using naval containers the time for loading, unloading, and transfer of freight is significantly shortened, as well as made safer for the goods being transported. Goods transported in this fashion are not exposed to weather, or biological and chemical factors. If the goods are to reach their point of delivery safely the correct container needs to be chosen.

Container dimmensions


TYPE Lenght Width Height
20′ standard 6.058 / 20′ 2.438 m / 8′ 2.591 m / 8′ 6”
40′ standard 12.192 m / 40′ 2.438 m / 8′ 2.591 m / 8′ 6”
40′ High Cube 12.192 m / 40′ 2.438 m / 8′ 2.896 m / 9′ 6”

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