Oversized Transport

We are one of the few logistical companies which are specialized in oversized loads and have a large amount of experience in this type of transports. We have carried out transport of oversized loads in Russia as well as EU contries. With this type of transport, there are a few problems that need to be solved.

What is oversized freight

Oversized freight is freight that is over the predetermined dimensions, which are set by the law in each individual country. That means that the lenght of the freight is over 16,5m, width is over 2,5m, or height is over 4m.

What is overweight transport

In the total weight of the freight is over 40 tons, or 8 tons in the case of one axled trailer, the freight is categorized as overwight. There are several safety procedures which are required to be folowed and permit is required. The permit for such transport schould be requested ahead of time as it takes time for the request to fill.

What is the law concerning oversized freight

The collection of laws number 403/2005 defines the highest allowed dimmensions and weights for vehicles and other technical specifications required of these vehicles. A transportation vehicle over these limits is only allowed to drive on the public road network if a special permit is secured.

Which oversized freight is transported

The most transported freight is support beams, bridge pilons, technological machinery, contruction mechanism, large volume tanks, cooling towers, ships, reactors, turbines, houses and tracked vehicles such as escavators and farming equipment.

How is such freight prepared for shipping

Since the transportation of such freight is a special type of transport, it requires a careful planning phase, in shich the problems such as route, the requests for all permits reuired from local and other government bodies and the required vehicles for the job are solved.

Size of freight influences planning

The planning process is comibned with the physical preparation adn cooperation with 3rd parties which secure the clearing of the chosen route. It is necessary to clear obstructions which could block the passage of the freight, such as deconstruction of parts of the road network, billboards, electrical and telecommunication cables, sometimes the stoppage of trafick in given parts. The participation of statisticians, which ensure bridges can support the weight. Often bridges are supported with special supports or a different route is chosen.

Transport of freight

All such transports are marked with beacons, and an escort vehicle, or several, are present to ensure the safe transport of the freight. Sometimes a police vehicle is required to escort the freight. A large amount of work goes into ensuring the safety of everyone involved as well as possible passerby.

Most often used techniques

The chosen technique depends on the freight, but low floored trailers or extendable ones are most often used

  • extendable trailers for the transport of long freight
  • low floored trailers for the transport of high freight
  • trailers with a high load maximum, with a low set chassis with a lenght of maximum of 34 meters, height of 4.2 meters, and weight of 55 tons

How is price calculated

Every request for oversized freight is different. Price is calculated based on the dimmensions of the freight as well as the chosen route. It all deppends on what the transport of the specific freight requires, such as preparation, permits, and types of escort required. The request for such transport is immediately taken into account and the preparation begins immediately.

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